A negative air scrubber machine with a true HEPA filter is a device that contains the mold, dust, particles and odors within a workspace containment barrier. Aerospace America, Abatement Technologies, and Novatek are the leaders in the air scrubber industry. Air always flows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. These machines create and maintain negative pressure, which pushes the inward airflow through any leaks or openings in the containment barrier. This prevents airborne contaminants from escaping into other parts of the site.

In order to create a negative pressure environment, more air must leave the space than enters it. First of all, the project area must be walled off with permanent or temporary construction barriers. Secondly, the air scrubber must be placed inside the construction area. Ductwork such as lay flat ducting or ducting tubes should be attached with an intake manifold and run from the system to somewhere outside of the project area, preferably to the outside of the building. Since the air is HEPA filtered, it is not mandatory to exhaust air to the outdoors.

Our negative air machines come equipped with a full set of filters including HEPA filters or general purpose filters, plus first stage and second stage pre filters for a no-hassle purchasing experience. If you would like to purchase additional filters or accessories like intake manifolds, check out our filter page.

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Abatement Technologies AQUATRAP AT250R LGR Dehumidifier

Abatement Technologies AQUATRAP AT250R LGR Dehumidifier

Abatement Technologies - AQUATRAP® AT250R LGR Dehumidifier Unsurpassed Structural Drying Performance in a Lightweight, Compact and Durable... more info