We sell a variety of clamps, tubes, flex duct, and intake manifold accessories for negative air machines. You will need to create your own temporary ductwork to direct bad air out. Our ducting accessories will make the job quick and easy. Be sure that you already have or purchase from us an appropriately sized intake manifold (also called a hose adapter) for your machine and that you have the proper measurements for it, so you will know what to purchase from us to ensure a tight seal. Lay flat ducting is a clear flat plastic tube that can be connected to a negative air machine in order to direct air where it needs to go. We sell lay flat ducting that covers up to 18" exhaust ports, as long as you have a locking clamp of the appropriate size. We sell 12" locking clamps if you are looking to fit a 12" intake manifold. We also sell flexible HVAC ductwork in 12", 10", or 14" diamater sections that can be linked together, if you prefer firm tubing to lay flat ducting. Check out products below!